Coming soon!

Fuck Yeah Weddings' blog will talk about the wedding industry through an intersectional feminist lens. I'll talk about the usual wedding traditions, where they come from and why you might want to include it or skip it! How the wedding industry can support the body positive movement and showcase couples of all shapes and sizes. How we as an industry can showcase the amazing diversity in the wedding world and why representation matters, and so so much more.

I'll talk about how to craft a wedding that is all about you as a couple (it's not just "her day!" if your wedding even has a her.) that is authentic and thoughtful. Tips to make planning easier, keep things organized and some offbeat inspiration because who doesn't want to check out awesome weddings all the time?!

I'll blog weddings that Fuck YEAH Weddings photographs with all the juicy details.

If there is anything you'd like to see, questions that you have please send an email to and we will see what we can do to answer your WTF questions & show off what you've requested!


Kendall Shea